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Announcing The Estate Sale Of Big-Hearted Howard DeVore

Presented By: His Daughters

Specials, Sales & Stories

         How Big-Hearted Howard Helped

                     Save Star Trek!!

This is the story of Bjo Trimble, Star Trek and how Howard helped save Star Trek after season two. Bjo and John Trimble had met Gene Roddenberry at Tricon in 1966 and luckily, began their involvement in the Star Trek journey.

Bjo Trimble

Bjo Trimble was the original Star Trek: TOS BNF and supporter of the show. She and her husband, John Trimble, assisted Gene Roddenberry in setting up Lincoln Enterprises and was put in charge of answering the deluge of fan mail. She edited newsletters, wrote articles in many zines, and started the letter-writing campaign called Star Trek Lives! to bring the show back after it had been threatened with cancellation. Trimble also created The Star Trek Concordance with Dorothy Jones Heydt.

Trimble, in describing her role in Star Trek history when using it to promote interest in her later publications from flyers for Space-Time Continuum: "Edited by the original 'SAVE STAR TREK' lady, Bjo Trimble" and "from Bjo Trimble, the fan who saved Star Trek."

And this woman known as “the Fan Who Saved Star Trek” or “the Save Star Trek lady” credited Howard DeVore for being the one who actually kick-started the mail-in campaign that kept Star Trek on the air after the second season!! The mail-in campaign was so successful that NBC actually announced on the air a request for an end to the letters! And they kept it on the air and the rest is history…BIG history!

Bjo wrote the following in honoring Howard as he received the Science Fiction World Convention Fan Guest of Honor award (posthumously) in 2006:

"How Howard helped save Star Trek"

When NBC decided to cancel Star Trek after its second season in 1967, the Trimbles decided to organize a write-in campaign to the network. "This was before computers and the Internet, so we had to rely on obtaining mailing lists. We asked but were turned down by several people who had mailing lists, but Big-Hearted Howard DeVore gave us his list to start the campaign. He also talked others into letting us use their mailing lists. He never got credit for this, though the we (John and Bjo Trimble) mentioned his name in interviews."  So it may surprise many fans to know that without Howard, the Save Star Trek campaign might not have succeeded.

(See also the letter written by Roddenberry to thank a good friend of Dad’s, Ben Jason, for the letter writing campaign which we offer for sale in the Oddities and Curiosities section of the website. Our letter is not for sale.)

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